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I need a life...

and I'm going to get one. ...soon.


I love it when dad takes days off work. He just brought me coffee and shortbread cookies. AND HE PUT HOT CHOCOLATE IN THE COFFEE! *spoiled* We're going to the aquarium this afternoon. My little sisters have a field trip there, and even though they're in high school and don't need adult supervision, dad and I are taking it as an excuse to tag along.

I need to figure out how to upload pictures from my camera to the computer, because right now I have lovely photographic evidence of Spring. There have been crocuses and pansies blooming in the last few weeks, and there are four or five cherry trees a few blocks down that are blossoming like crazy, but now the daffodils that I planted in November are starting to bloom. Gah, the flowers are making me so stupidly happy, WTF, I swear I wasn't always such a girl. XD

Oh, note to self: GET A FUCKING JOB! Preferably somewhere cool and hip, like Main Street, Granville Island, Commercial Drive, or Gas Town, but also put in resume at every grocery store and coffee shop in the city.

Well kept secret indeed. It's such bullshit that such an environmentally friendly car is illegal in most of Canada, but I love that the one province you CAN drive them in is B.C. XD Now I'm thinking it might be worth it to go get my licence. Still, the car itself is WAY cheap, but I wonder how high the Hydro bill's going to be for anyone who buys it. And as a pedestrian, I kind of like being able to hear cars coming, so I don't know if 'no-noise' is a very good idea. Whatever, I think the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Also, I saw the new Tokyo Revelations scans, and I'm a bit underwhelmed. The one with Cloney and Sakura in their Infinity clothes is okay, (it's just that we've already seen it at the end of Magician's Message) but Sakura holding the gun just looked... not like Sakura. D:

M-Merry *Belated* Christmas~

Um, okay, we randomly lost our internet access yesterday. Merry Christmas to you too, internet provider. D< Oh well, I spent the whole day outside anyway, because it SNOWED! I was was basically leaping with joy, it barely EVER snows in Vancouver, and I can't remember seeing a white Christmas before. Of course, it warmed up this morning and the rain washed most of it away, but still! SNOW! In VANCOUVER! On CHRISTMAS!

Winter Break~ also WTF I'm posting?

This morning the students made anatomically correct gingerbread men and women. Lois is such a great teacher. XD I've been really busy lately helping kids study for their practice exams, but I barely had anything to do this week. They let me leave early every day since Monday, so I've done all my Christmas shopping done and I still have three days or something. This is a huge achievement for me.

A couple of days ago I was browsing the Tsubasa MSN site (which kind of sucks, a lot of chapters have broken images, and no one ever fixes them) and I came across this in the message section:

I was reading Clamp school detectives and Nokoru's feminism REALLY touched me. Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if our sexy ninja Kuro was a feminist? Fay is somewhat of a feminist and Syao, sure. But it's kinda hard to imagine Kuro as a feminist.

lol, I have a hard time imagining Kurogane as anything but feminist. He was the one buying parts for Sakura to enter the race in Piffle, and he totally trusted her to collect the price for Yuuko in Tokyo. He lived half his life in the same castle as Souma and Kendappa, so he knows that women are perfectly capable of making their own decisions and kicking ass on their own.  I didn't bothered posting this to clamp_rants, because obviously this person has their terms mixed up, and meant that they couldn't imagine Kuro being chivalrous. Which is also funny, since his job back at Shirasagi castle was to "protect the princess."

Also, I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that Kuro/Fay manips done for every splash page that they aren't sandwiched together in are lame and desperate. WTF

Re: Horistuba Gakuen 3

... Okay, clearly the script and translations thereof need to be released pronto, because I definitely heard one of the Syaorans say something about "Seishirou-sensei." XD


ToT I just finished rereading Clover. I love that series so much. I've even got a rl friend who's took an interest in it when I was gushing about that one time where Oruha has Kazuhiko's zipper in her mouth. *_* The only problem?  i crave fanfic! Clover fanfic. Do any of you wonderful people on my f-list have some good recs?

edit: Also, are there any high quality raw scans of Clover floating around out there somewhere? Cuz that would be great if someone would point them out.

Seriously, I'm not dead.

So I get home from school and what do I find? The computer's been fixed (for something like the bazillionth time this year.) The computer-guy even put a quadruple-A battery into my tablet, so it's not dead anymore! :D It'll only be so long before my brother finds out and takes it to play games for hours on end, but until then, ima go catch up on a few series, my f-list, and then maybe do some sketches in paint!

I ♥ U, INTERNETZ! jeez I fail.

Edit: fdjstak; Oh wow Cyber-Six is on TV! I used to love that show when I was a kid. It's about a hot science experement on the run from be creator with her brother, a black panther. By day she dresses as a man and teaches high-school punks, and by night she dresses in leather and a cape and fights the bad guy's zombie goons. Quality entertainment. Me and my brother both have a major crush on her.

A lovely piece of tresure from the Pit

Those With Wings: A Tsubasa Chronicle by Kyo Ishihara - Carol2fluteFai's world goes into a tailspin after meeting headstrong Kyoko Ishihara. He immediately sets out to win her over, but it won't be easy! Kyo vows to help Sayoran recover Sakura's feathers, but is her true calling to help Fai overcome his painful past? Fiction Rated: T - English - Action/Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 3585 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 1-22-07 - Published: 1-22-07

D: Why hello there FayxSelf-inserted Fangirl who is apparently Yuuko's little sister. Though actually the last name is Ichihara. *headdesk* I'd excuse this under the assumption that the author is under 12, but her profile says she's 17. FAIL.

Molestycakes needs to write some fanfic.

Also, the Tsubasa splash page for next chapter is gorgeous. I like how Fay has his arm draped over Kurogane's shoulder/back. I can kind of see the Rapunzel comparison if I squint, what with the window ledge and all, but it's a bit of a stretch. Anyway, where's Ashura-ou?
So there's been these scans from the Tsubasa Character Guide (I don't have the patience to capitalize it properly) floating around in English that I finally got around to taking a look at. I wasn't impressed. It looks like a slap-dash piece of photoshop cut-and-paste thrown together for the sole purpose of turning a profit. That said, there was a page I DID enjoy for the dialog in Fay's advice column:

Mokona: "Mokona tries so hard to make friends with Kurogane, but Kurogane only calls Mokona names like 'that white thing,' or 'white pork bun.' Isn't that awful?!"
Fai: "I see... If you show him your heart, then I'm sure that at some point Kuro-run's heart will open up too... I can teach you several methods that will accomplish that."
Mokona: "Eh? What methods? What methods?"
Fai:    "Method 1: When it's lunchtime, give him the present of a boxed lunch with the food arranged into a big heart.
            Method 2: Give him a present of a hand-knitted scarf.
            Method 3: Go to the baths with him and wash his back.
            Method 4: Whisper sweet nothings in his ear while he's sleeping.
            Method 5: Wake him up every morning with a big kiss."
Mokona: "Yay! Mokona's going to whisper sweet nothings!"
Sakura: "(I feel sorry for Kurogane-san.)"

Fay is teaching Mokona how to woo Kurogane! XD If only the whole guide had been that awesome. Unfortunately, it was full of boring and/or stupid comments, particularly in the couples/pairings section. Um, Kurogane and Fay didn't come in second place just because they look cool fighting together. -_- After the top ten, there was a little place for "More Great Couples and Combos." Guess who was there.
Seishirou/Syaoran (sorry Syaoran, but you fail as a Subaru replacement)
Fay/Chii (*headdesk* the comments were "Ever wonder what's in their past? - A beautiful guy and a beautiful girl as a couple." by which I'm sure they meant 'a beautiful guy and a beautiful cat-girl-pool-cover')
Kurogane/Souma (that had better be 'combo' rather than 'couple,' otherwise Kendappa would maim/kill/castrate him for even thinking about it)

Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing some more Souma+Kurogane interactions. Any of the Nihon lesbians+Kurogane would be great, just to see him get pwned. Maybe once this long bout of ANGST clears up we'll get to see a little more of them.

Today I get to go shopping with my little sisters. We need presents for mum's birthday (which is also my friend's birthday AND new years eve.) I'm taking them on the skytrain because I'm a loser with no license and the skytrain is more fun anyways.